Chair Rail Height

This post is dedicated to common questions about the height of a chair rail that I hear people asking constantly. I am not an expert, but I’ve decided to compile a list of resources so that you can explore the answers to the questions yourself.

Chair Rail Height and Windows

Usually you want to aim for your chair rail to be lower instead of higher. Ideally the chair rail will come to approximately the same height as the bottom of the window. If not, aim for under the window. If you are unsure of what height to place your chair rail at, aim for ~32 inches. Of course the purpose of a chair rail is to prevent the chairs from damaging the wall; if you have irregular chairs, be sure to measure their height and how they come in contact with the wall, and then plan the chair rail so that is prevents that.

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Chair Rail Height In A Bedroom

The rule of thumb for a common room like the bedroom is you want your chair rail to be 1/3rd of the height of your wall. So measure the height of the bedroom wall, divide by 3, and that’s your ideal chair rail height!

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Chair Rail Height In A Nursery

Aim for the standard chair rail height of 36 inches. If the crib comes in contact with the wall above that, consider adjusting upwards. Ideally you want the chair rail to also serve as a break in the color of the room. Yet another thing to consider as you plan out your room.

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Chair Rail Height In A Dining Room

Again, you want to be aiming for the traditional 32/36 inches. If you plan on having strange chairs in your dining room, then be prepared to install the chair rail at a height that will prevent them from bumping with the wall. Up to 40 inches should be doable.

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Chair Rail Height In A Bathroom

At this point, you want to consider the height of a sink as a marker for what height your chair rail should be. After all, you don’t need to worry about chairs in your bathroom usually, while everything that can damage the wall is at around sink height.

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Chair Rail Height In A Babyroom
Same story as with the height of a chair rail in a nursery. You want the chair rail to prevent the crib from bumping into the wall. If the crib/bed are not near the wall, then consider the traditional heights of 30/32/36 inches, or consider using the chair rail to help your painting of the room.

Chair Rail Height Basement
What are you doing with a chair rail in your basement? Still a good rule of thumb are the classic heights of 32/36 inches. Also if you have an irregular basement consider placing the chair rail at the height of a doorknob, or at the height of one of the stairs leading into the basement.

Chair Rail Heigh Baseboard
Traditionally a chair rail will be 32 to 36 inches above the baseboard. Still, account for the furniture in the room when planning out the height of your chair rail. If you have irregular furniture that might come into contact with the wall, then plan for the chair rail to block damage to the wall.

Chair Rail Crib
If you are placing your chair rail in a nursery, then your chair rail should prevent the crib from rubbing against the wall and doing it damage. Measure the height of the crib where it would bump into the wall of your nursery, and use this data to decide at what height to place the chair rail.

Correct Chair Rail Height
The traditional heights for a chair rail are 32/36 inches. You may deviate to account for irregular furniture.

Common Chair Rail Height
Again, the most common heights for a chair rail are 32/36 inches. Another rule of thumb is that they should be 1/3rd the height of the room.

Chair Rail Height Vaulted Ceilings
This will be a custom job and I can’t advise you here. Talk to a GC who knows what he is doing and he should be able to lay out a plan for you.

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