Chair Rail

Chair rails, also known as dado rails, are fixtures used to mark the boundaries of a room. While he chair rail is mainly used for decorative purposes in household, it still prevents furniture and other household ornaments from touching or scratching the wall. The chair rail usually is around 36 inches, which will safeguard the wall from most standard pieces of furniture. However, since most homes have non-standard furniture, it is also common to see chair rails of over 50 inches and more.

Chair rails are sometimes solely applied to a wall, without further installation. Chair rails are usually found like this in bars, dance studios, shopping malls and other areas with a lot of equipment and people coming into contact with the wall.

To install a chair rail, follow these 12 simple steps:

1) Put up the moulding for your chair rail. Make sure it goes at the height you intend for the chair rail to run. It should lie perfectly snug against the wall, parallel to the floor.

2) You will need to measure the height of your chair rail. Usually they will be around ~36 inches, although as mentioned before, some chair rails can be over 50 inches. Determining the height of the chair rail is crucial for the next steps. Usually you want to tailor the height of your chair rail to match the height of your chairs. You are protecting the wall from the chairs after all.

3) For any corners you will want to trim at a 45 degree angle. Consider using a tool for this part, as it is essential to getting your chair rail to fit perfectly into a corner.

4) Measure the length of the chair rails and cut at the ends. Consider trimming the ends with sand paper. The chair rail should match the wall segment against which it rests, perfectly.

5) Before you set in the chair rail, make sure the painting matches it the way you want. Consider covering the edges with some sort of plastic and painting over.

6) Use a stud location utility to locate studs in the wall. This is where you will nail the chair rail into the wall.

7) With help from a friendly family member, hold up the chair rail to the height you want.

8 ) Nail the chair rail into the wall at the locations marked where the studs are. Consider 2 rails at every stud.

And that’s it. You’re done installing your chair rail. If you need help picking out a chair rail, or want to find a local supplier, consider dropping me an email :)

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